Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Introducing Botanical Facial Cleansers

Hydrates and conditions face as it cleanses • Leaves skin feeling soft, clean, smooth
Maintains skin’s normal pH balance • Prepares skin for the next treatment step

Montreal, (Canada) Sept, 5, 2006 – A Natural Perspective (www.anaturalperspective.ca) has expanded its skincare product offering with the introduction of Rose Milk Facial Cleanser and Chamomile Facial Cleanser - two natural botanical facial cleansers with rich active ingredients and composition that enhances cleansing skin and helps to make the skin look healthier and younger.

Cecilia, Brand Manager for A Natural Perspective states, “These facial beauty products combines rich plant carrier oils to lift the dirt and soften skin, natural antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, and essential oils to help provide vital nutrients and increase blood circulation to dull, dry skin.

These botanical facial cleansers help to infuse your skin with a complete spectrum of nutrients. With the benefit of without chemical and petroleum products that are in conventional facial cleansers.

Cecilia continues, “These are mild products that do not destroy the skins natural PH, and more importantly replace important nutrients to the skin. Today’s consumer is savvy; especially women who insist on facial cleansers that not only clean but make their face look healthier and younger.

A Natural Perspective offers two specific face cleansers that lift dirt, grime and water-based make-up. Both cleansers offer specific properties for specific needs. For example the Rose Milk Facial Cleanser helps to combat the ravages of every-day living, and at the same time promote a softer, wrinkle-free and younger-looking skin. The rose formula is reputed to be a natural cell regenerator and aids in improving the health of the skin.

The unique formulation of the Chamomile Facial Cleanser helps to calm inflammation, sooth the skin, and also prevent any skin problems from starting because it will not disturb the pH of the face. It offers an essential oil blend of chamomile to nourish the skin along with French lavender and rosemary essential oils for its natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and healing properties.

A Natural Perspective (www.anaturalperspective.ca) is the first online retailer to offer signature Canadian made natural and organic skincare products and where possible, made with exclusively Canadian ingredients.

A Natural Perspective sources different products with an emphasis on promoting each province. Current products offered include Glacial Marine Clay found only in the Northern Coastal region of British Columbia; recently discovered pristine Glacial Crystals (salts) located in the Northern Prairie Provinces, nourishing Body Oil Collection with Canadian Organic Hemp Seed Oil (Indulge Your Spirit), the first all-natural deodorants Terra Naturals with a 12-hour guarantee odor protection, French-milled handcrafted soaps as well as several body treatments (Glacial Mineral Body Scrub, Maple Sugar Body Scrub).

Cecilia, Brand Manager
E: anaturalperspective(at)gmail.com


~product update~
{Jan, 2007}
These products have new packaging and now come in opaque bottles for longer shelf-life.