Thursday, January 05, 2006

Four Tips on How to Upsell Your Services

Give them a non-confrontational atmosphere

One way to upsell your services is by showcasing the benefits of a particular service in a casual, non-aggressive manner.

For example, if you client is stopping by your shop to pick up something, ensure that a particular complimentary service is up-front and center. Create a beautiful counter poster (POP) for your counter highlighting your massage treatments and their related health benefits.

This will get the conversation going and your clients will appreciate knowing that a massage is an effective treatment in combating the negative effects of aging.

Remember to add key benefits to the poster, for example:

The benefits of a massage are numerous including stress reduction, increased circulation, increased energy and, decreased fatigue. In fact, during a more vigorous massage encourages blood flow to the skin bringing healthy nutrients and oxygen.

Remember to add a health tip on to your voice mail that relates to a particular service you are promoting that month. 

Don't forget the ever popular themed gift package. Another example, a green tea massage treatment served with green tea for a Father's Day Gift!

Finally, have quick purchases next to your counter. Add lip gloss, soap samples and loyalty programs readily available and beautifully displayed.


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