Sunday, September 30, 2007


A trio of female fragrances focuses on natural essences for soft, natural and joyful fragrances.

We recently introduced these solid, wonderful natural aroma and easy-to-carry perfumes. These solid perfumes offer only 100% pure and natural essential oils. While synthetic fragrances can duplicate their dominant qualities; synthetic fragrances cannot capture the same subtlety or softness of a quality, pure essential oil.  Which means, you really need to try these solid perfumes!

Following the rules for natural perfume creation these solid perfumes are made of natural aromatics such as essential oils, absolutes, waxes, herbs, and infused oils. These perfumes allow women to experience the luxuriously beauty of nature.

The perfume is in a solid crème base that is full of natural emollient oils and butters. 

Plus, these all natural solid perfumes make great impulse purchase items and can be part of your holiday promotional programs.

Evening Rose is a natural indulgence with rich delicate Bulgarian Rose. The perfume is for floral lovers, the romantic.

Just Lavender is just that, lavender. While some blends try to recreate a particular mood, pure French Lavender embedded in a crème base will partake in a scintillatingly fresh aroma.

Vanilla Spice (Oriental) is our seductively rich fragrance combining vanilla with an undertone of musk for a warm and airy fragrance.

Product photo of Vanilla Spice and Evening Rose arriving soon!

Retail:  Minimum oder 12

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