Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Natural & Pristine Canadian Glacial Sea Salts

Glacial Bath Therapy~ pure, relaxing essential oil blend
Natural glacial sea salts buried for almost 4 million years carries a unique richness in minerals with a carefully blend with essential oils for maximum therapeutic benefits.

These pristine Healing Crystals provide the essential elements needed for proper functioning and healthy skin. The rich concentration of minerals and other trace elements acts as a catalyst to speed biological healing and regeneration.

Sea mineral crystals balance therapy with relaxation and rejuvenation. Spa professionals as well as people at home can custom-blend essential oils to further enhance the natural therapeutic power for hydrotherapy bath.  Check out our Bath and Body Scrub Recipe selection.

Benefits of Bathing with healing crystals:

  • Re-balancing
  • Detoxifying
  • Purifying
  • Relief of muscle and joint pain

~product selection~

Glacial Bath Therapy ~ Relaxation properties of pristine glacial sea minerals with a deep aromatic essential oil blend - this is for the senses.  Wholesale and bulk opportunities available. Product photo above.

Glacial Therapy Body Scrub ~ Tangy aroma made with a citrus with a touch of lavender essential oil blend, offers a zesty and fresh experience.  Wholesale and bulk opportunities available.

Glacial Marine Salts Corse and Fine ~ Make your customers feel special with their own personal essential oil formula suited to their needs and treatment.

Sold in Bulk.
Treatment for: manicure & pedicure, back cleansing, body scrubs, anti-cellulite toning & firming.

Custom / Private Label:  We can develop custom blends and private labels with any of these products.

  1. Sea salt sprays are known to give hair a boost of volume with wavy texture. Beach-inspired hair styles have graced red carpets and runways worldwide, with celebrities like Kate Hudson rocking the look on magazine stands.

  2. Hi, how do I order these salts and get in contact with you?

  3. Hi, how do I order these salts and get in contact with you?