Sunday, July 10, 2011

Branding eCourse


An Online Course designed to help bring your business into a competitive brand position. Specifically created to aid businesses and entrepreneurs understand how to build a strong and unique brand position!

Who's it for?

Applicable for on and offline start-ups, traditional companies, junior marketing professionals and entrepreneurs, this e-course offers a quick learning platform on strategy, sales planning, social media marketing and more.

What you get

True expertise!  Based on our formal education in Marketing, plus 13 years of actual working experience in many industries, large and small companies.  Branded! is unlike any other e-course. 

Value-packed, we offer students coursework combining high-level theoretical knowledge, insight based on many years in the industry with practical information on strategic marketing and brand development.

New Marketing Techniques.  Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEM and other new marketing techniques has propelled some individuals to online success gaining six figures in income.  We will review a few of these techniques as well as how to use them.   

Quick learning. Branded e-Course is designed to be easy and quick learning, only 5-weeks!  Content will help you understand your competitive position and create a brand leadership position for your company. This Branded! e-course is a useful business tool for online business, B2B, retail as well as for entrepreneurs.

Specializations.  In addition to providing lessons and coursework on marketing strategy and brand management, we include several specializations: fashion and accessories, retail, cosmetics, ecommerce, B2B and software.

Reference Tools. You’ll receive tools of the biz! Practical and useful tools that you will refer to again and again, PR template, Strategic Brand Plan template, Schedule template and more!

First Business e-Course

Branded! is the first marketing e-course made especially for start-ups, junior marketing professionals and entrepreneurs who need to develop a brand plan, build a strong brand position, market more effectively, and turn their online presence into a financially successful company.  And, all this based on strategy, analysis and knowledge of tactics and new marketing techniques.

The Result

You come away with your own Brand Action Plan based packed with immediate actionable ideas, a solid understanding of your competitive position, your unique value to your industry and how you can create a brand leadership position. Whether you are an online business, entrepreneur, health & wellness, retail shop or traditional B2B enterprise, Branded! Online Course offers high-impact concepts and tools where you can apply to any business.

Location: This is an Online Class
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