Monday, August 01, 2011

Promote your spa, Advertising Support for your Business, Blog or Service

We have set up a great online directory with e-magazine style blog (directazine) to help your business, website or blog get noticed, increase visitor traffic, create more online exposure and generate better SEO.  It is called Lovely Promenade, an affordable promotional and advertising solution, with Value-Added Features to ensure that you get continual promotion and our visitors have quality content.

Unlike other directories that are, well just directories, Lovely Promenade is directed and promoted to shoppers who are looking for quality companies and resources.

We knew we needed to have an online directory to help your businesses get more online exposure and at the same time, we also wanted to offer more than just a link.  Lovely Promenade offers a variety of affordable advertising solution.

Consider Lovely Promenade a work-in-progress, as we hear from you we will adapt and add more features to meet your needs.  Of course, we have some great ideas ourselves and we hope to introduce them as we continue to grow.

This is one of our services and it is free.  Read more about this here.

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Check out our Advertising Page for more promotional opportunities.

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