Monday, October 03, 2011

Do you like the concept of natural skincare products but...

Do you like the idea of natural skincare product but actually purchase traditional products? Well, the results are in!

These are the results from our first quiz.  We received a total of 19 votes with a breakdown as follows:
  • 10 - Buy both
  •  0 - Make my own
  •  5 - No, buy only natural
  •  4 - Yes, like the concept but still purchase traditional
Of course, this quiz is just for fun.  To have reliable data and insight to help you decide on product selection for your shop or personal use, we would need to have a larger sample size as well as ensure the group that participated belonged to the same segment, a homogeneous group, for example, 'mommies who shop online and are between 25 - 45 years of age'.

But for the sake of conversation; 53% of our readers stated they purchase both, natural and traditional skincare products, with 26% who purchse only natural skincare products and 21% purchase exclusively traditional skincare products.

Why?  That would have been nice to ask, next time I will create 3 quizes that related to each other.    But again just for conversation, let's discuss further on the "Buy Both" answer.

In my quesstimation that why we buy both is because that we believe that both skincare products offer the same quality ingredients, leaving out the chemicals in traditional skincare products.  I would also add price and opportunity factors with respect to who we make this purchase decision as well.  Price meaning that some natural skin care body lotions can cost as much as a face moisturizer, which is understandable because it is "hand-crafted with ingredients that include essential and plant oils". 

Then there is opportunity, where real natural skincare products can only be sold in small quantities due to their limited shelf-life, which means you won't find truely natural skin care products in your local pharmacy.

What does this mean for shops that sell natural skincare products?  You need to make a concerted effort to make the sale.   Too many shops that sell organic or natural skincare products have staff that are more green sensitive that sales savvy.  While that makes for a great atmosphere at your shop, can you really afford to have your products on the self when the pharmacy next door is selling lotions at a lower price? 

BTW, if you need help in the sales department, we can help, contact us at info(at) or check out our Spa Advisor Services, this also includes sales staff training and not just for spas! 

This was fun.  Thank you to all who participated in our first quiz.

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