Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 5 Carrier Oils for Wrinkles, Aging and Dull Skin!

Many of us are aware that carrier oils are used in skin care preparations to improve conditions of the skin, hair and nails.  However, many of these fix oils offer us much more than as a carrier base for essential oils.  Here are our top 5 carrier oils for wrinkles, aging and dull skin.

Evening Primrose Seed Oil

One of the best carrier oils for wrinkles. Try it also on your nails, too. Evening Primrose Oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and a blood vessel dilator. The main characteristics of Evening Primrose Oil increases skin resistance to ultraviolet rays and aids in blood circulation. Not only it is one of the best carrier oils for wrinkles, it helps to prevent aging of the skin!

* Base oil: Use a 10% dilution.
* Store in cool, dark location {away from sun}.
* For recipes and tips, read more.

Rosehip Seed Oil

How do I love thee? Let me count the way.

A wonderful oil for the treatment in reducing wrinkles! Rosehip oil is rich in EFA's, vitamins C and E. Use just a small percentage (low ratio) to treat many skin conditions, most notably dehydrated skin that has prematurely aged.  It is also reputed to help in preventing and reducing stretch marks and age spots because it is not just wrinkles that make us look weathered. 

* For recipes and how-to tips, visit here.
* Store in cool, dark location {away from sun}.

Carrot Seed Oil

This is actually an essential oil but it is often used in base oils. It is orange in colour.  Excellent for dry, dull and mature skin. Especially good when used as a skin rejuvenator.  The oil's high carotol content gives it regenerative properties, which helps with dull and aging skin.  It blends well with Rosehip Seed Oil.

* Base Oil: Use a 10% dilution
* Product clarification: Carrot seed essential oil is not the same as infused carrot oil,
   or carrot tissue oil, which comes from the edible carrot.

Avocado Oil

Moisturizes, reduces appearance of age spots, heals sun damage and scars. Additionally, avocado regenerates and rejuvenates the skin. Avocado increases collagen in the skin and therefore is an anti-aging ingredient in skin care. Avocado oil has superior moisturizing qualities.

* Base oil: Use as an addition to a base oil.  10% dilution

Borage Oil

Borage oil is a good skin rejuvenator and excellent for all skin types especially maturing skin and sun-damaged skin. This oil is high in GLA, an important fatty acid for maintaining healthy skin.

* Base Oil: Blend using 10% dilution with other carrier oils.
* Best to purchase in small amount as it goes rancid rather quickly.
* Store in cool, dark location {away from sun}


Application Use:
Remember to do a patch test on your skin first.  Do not apply directly on your skin without permission or discussion with your aromatherapist first.  If pregnant, use only under doctor's care. 

These are highly concentrated oils and may burn the skin.  For easiest use, blend your facial cream with a few drops of your favourite carrier oil, blend well and apply to your face, neck and hands.  Please read our disclosure policy. 

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