Thursday, May 01, 2014

Top six gifts for Mother's Day!

Charcoal Castile Handcrafted Soap by Country Rose Soap 
A new mom is born every seven seconds, which means there is a different gift available for every woman on Mother's Day!

To give any great gift, start with what your mother would like because Mother's Day is not a time to provide a gift she will get for herself.

Here's our top 6 Mother's Day Gifts for 2014.

  1. For us, we would love to receive anything in natural skincare. But, be warned, we are a picky bunch. We take 'natural' to mean just that, natural. That's why our pick is Country Rose Soap. All handcrafted and they use only natural and pure ingredients. Check out their Hair Care Gift Products.
  2. Any woman, young or old, mother or not will find herself waiting at the airport, taking public transportation or sitting in a park enjoying the sun. So, why not give a Kindle. Who wouldn't love to have a light weight reader and get in a few minutes of reading!
  3. For the older mom, I'm sure they are using a laptop that's a hand-me down. We think computer lessons would be a great gift. One that covers how to use Word, Internet safety, best practices, getting on Facebook and how to use email.
  4. Make it a shopping day! Nooo, we don't mean just handing her a gift certificate and thinking your done. A shopping day includes taking Mom to her favourite mall and staying with her during the shopping day. Don't forget to add lunch or a coffee break. Don't bicker, you are there for her. You will be a hero!
  5. Every home gardener needs to take care of their hands. Try this handcrafted hand crème from Three Sisters especially made for gardeners.  Add their all natural bug spray to make a wonderful gift box.
  6. If you have a mom with a sweet tooth, then why not give her a surprisingly, beautiful collection of Raw Honey! Try the cinnamon and honey combination, yummy! Add a bit of hit on sourdough bread topped with goat's cheese for an absolute healthy and delicious breakfast.    

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