Sunday, December 11, 2011

Book Review: Lavender: Nature's Way to Relaxation and Health by Philippa Waring

Last year I was asked to review the newly published book by Philippa Waring, titled "Lavender: Nature's Way to Relaxation and Health".

If you are new to aromatherapy and looking to start slow, then this is a great book on lavender.  Lavender is known to be a healer, provides relaxation properities; it is an excellent ingredient for skin care, home care and cooking.

With respect to "Lavender: Nature's Way to Relaxation and Health", it is an easy read.  It offers an interesting chapter on lavender's folklore and history as well as a good number of healthful and delicious food recipes using lavender.  Philippa also demonstrates the medicinal and therapeutic properties of the lavender plant.

There is also a chapter on love and beauty, including recipes to make your own perfume, shiny hair and fight the flab. While the beauty section is not extensive but as I mentioned previously, it is a good book for someone looking to get into aromatherapy, a great beginner book.

It is available on Amazon, which you can purchase it here.

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