Sunday, February 26, 2012

4 Common Traits of Successful Small Businesse Owner

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Over the last 8 years, I've worked with and met many small companies, retail shops and crafters who create and sell wonderful products and I've discovered a common theme among the individuals who have been able to move their love of what they do into a successful business.

These are the 4 common traits:

1. Opportunity is everywhere. These individuals will discuss and review every opportunity, joint venture or partnership that comes along their way. They don’t say no quickly and before they do say no, they will check it out and at all angles. This also allows for negotiation to take place, which may help to create a win-win opportunity for all parties.

2. Long-term vision. In addition to loving what they do, they do have a long-term vision, which drives them to invest in themselves to enhance their sales, leadership and negotiation skills, for example.

3. People friendly. Some crafters love the craft, while others enjoy the people they meet along the way. While some retailers are motivated by independence but don’t enjoy the people side of retail. But a successful business is not solely dependent on single factor, so consider taking on a partner who would handle the people side of things.

4. Curiosity leads the way. These individuals are typically testing or fixing something, which usually leads them to be progressive in the business side of things. They are always learning, moving up the ladder of expectation for their craft, themselves and their business. Even as simple in how they respond to an email or how they greet you at their shop are usually different.


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